Wood - our world

It makes no difference whether veneer, sawn or profiled timber, decking or thermo-treated wood: with its modern production plants in Romania, the JAF-Group is setting standards in matters of quality and taking customer service in new directions.

The sawmill and veneer plant of J.F.Furnir is equipped with the most highly modern plant technology throughout its production sectors.

Quality in technology, quality in know-how

Next to the outstanding position of the plant in the rich in forests Transylvania, the qualifications of close to 350 employees speak for itself.
Rares Felder, General Manager JFFURNIR, Brasov

A clean cut

Cuttings are made using the most up-to-date Raimann rip saws and Dimter optimisation cutting saws. Dressed, or undressed: oak, beech, maple, ash, European cherry, false acacia (Robinia), fir, spruce and others are sawn either to customer order or standard dimensions.

Facts & Figures

Some key performance indicators give you an overview.

Thermo wood

At the J.F.Furnir plant we have combined these traditional methods with modern machinery and current expert knowledge to achieve maximum results.

Company video

A picture is worth a thousand words. And moving images are even more meaningful.
In our company video the employees present you the products and the processes.

Profiled timber

In façade construction, profile timber makes it mark with its insulating properties. Depending on its application, attention has to be paid to the characteristics of the wood. Depending on its application, attention has to be paid to the characteristics of the wood in consideration of constructional and aesthetical specifications. Our experts are here with their know-how to achieve individual solutions for you.


Literally straight out of the oven of the thermo chamber, fresh thermo-wood such as thermo-ash or thermo-spruce goes directly to our exterior decking production, where it is planed and profiled.


The J.F.Furnir plant in Romania is an important building block in the JAF Group’s sawn timber range. This is proved by an impressive output of around 10.000 solid cubic meters of sawn timber a year.


We will undertake every possible effort to avoid illegal trade with or procurement of wood or wood fibre.

Corporate commitment

J.F.Furnir in Brasov distinguishes itself by its excellent geo-economic positioning in the middle of a large deciduous and pine forest. The appreciation of this resource is important to us.


We set high quality standards not just for our products, but also for our customer service. You will not just receive your goods from us – our “all-round satisfaction package” definitely includes more.