Our commitment

FSC® Certification

Our company is committed to the following policy: We will undertake every possible effort to avoid trade with or procurement of wood or wood fibre (hereinafter referred to as "wood") in the following categories:

a) Illegally harvested wood.

b) Wood harvested in areas where traditional and civil rights are violated.

c) Wood harvested in forests where High Conservation Values are threatened by forest management activities.

d) Wood harvested from natural forests that were converted to plantations or for non-forest uses.

e) Wood harvested in forests planted with genetically modified trees.

These principles were determined by top management, set down in writing, and are available to the public. Our company is certified under FSC® license number FSC-C143584.

Please address any questions regarding FSC® to Katharina Schneider, CCA (Chain of Custody Administrator) at: katharina.schneider@frischeis.com.

PEFC™ Certification

Wood buyers can rely on the PEFC™ seal of quality. This guarantees that the wood used in our products originates in sustainably managed forests. Traders can therefore also resell their eco-friendly products with a clear conscience.

For customers and consumers, PEFC™ offers:

  • Assurance of sustainable origin of the purchased product.
  • Guarantee of environmentally sound forest management in the production of the wood product purchased.
  • Purchasing with a clear conscience.
  • Making a contribution to sustainability.

Our company is certified under PEFC™ license number PEFC/46-31-18.

Please address any questions regarding PEFC™ to Katharina Schneider, CCA (Chain of Custody Administrator) at: katharina.schneider@frischeis.com.